Saturday, May 1, 2010

To Lima By Bus

Saludos from San Pedro de Atacama, a tourist mecca in the Atacama Desert near the confluence of Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina.  I´m on my way out in a few hours, but have enjoyed the desert scenery and the heat (wow, haven´t felt that for a while!).

San Pedro ended up being a lot more touristy than I had expected.  Thus, I ended up on my first official tours in the whole of my travels.  Ha.  I don´t think that organized tours are my style...but I did get a chance to float in a salty lake (think the same floating phenomenom as the Dead Sea), see the Salt Flats (3rd largest in the world), and go on a horse ride in the sand.  It was...nice.  Ha.  But not much else to say.

I´m looking forward to arriving in Lima in a few days (San Pedro de Atacama --> Arica (cross international border) --> Tacna --> Lima).  If all goes as planned, I should arrive after (only) three bus rides, and by the morning of May 3rd.  Next week will also find me back in the U.S.  I´m looking forward to having my own space, and not moving for a while.  Cheers to a long, but hopefully, uncomplicated journey.